40 Succulent Leaves

😊 Now you can grow your own succulents from leaf! 

You will receive a variety of 40 succulent leaves!

Please note: Depending on how fresh they are, which is always varrying, your leaves may or may not have roots or succulents already formed at the end. 

  • Allow up to 6+ weeks for the leaves to being to grow a succulent on the end. 
  • Keep your leaves in a shady dry area on top of cactus soil. Mist with water once they have roots approximately every 3 days. 
  • Do not remove the leaf once it has started growing a succulent at the end. The baby succulent needs the moisture in the leaf to help it to grow. It will detach on its own once it’s dried out you can gently remove it. 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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