Opuntia - 'Baby Rita'

The Opuntia Baby Rita Cactus is a hybrid of Opuntia Santa Rita.  Which has large pancake like paddles. Baby Rita was made for its small size and uniquely oval shaped pads (which are very easy to propagate (simply remove from the node and plant 1/3 of the way in soil from the node, you’ll grow a whole new cactus and roots. The color is the same as Santa Rita. It ranges from a cool powdery green shade to a deep amethyst purple through the year depending on light, water and temperatures the purple colors come out. To bring out the purple they like to be cold (but never freezing) also direct sunlight and less watering brings out the purple. This happens naturally as seasons change and when they go longer between waterings. 

  • Shown in 5 Gallon Pot
  • Ships in 3-5 business days
  • Shipping within the USA only
  • Shipped without soil or pot and carefully wrapped in tissue paper to ensure safe travel

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